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I am trying to configure shared Snippets in our SAS 9.4 environment. Should be stored/configured on premise.

There are a few notes on configuring repositories and sharing tasks/snippets.

There are similar questions on this board too.

I have configured a new repository in SAS management console, how to make it accessible in SAS studio? I am expecting to see an additional folder next to MySnippets and Snippets. Is there a way just to add snippets to global environment?


webdms.allowRepositories is set as true and webdms.globalSettings=!SASRoot/GlobalStudioSetting;

however, the repository created in metada manager has different path MetadataReporsitories/Shared_Snippets .

Does  webdms.globalSettings directory should reflect the new path?


Adding the server url in SAS Studio preferences under Task Repositories is not connecting.

and when I try to connect to the following:servername/SASStudio/servername/repository.html for test

got:405 Method Not Allowed.


Is there a good/clear guide on how to share snippets ?

Thank you.

Metadata repositories created in SAS Management Console are not the same repositories alluded to by the SAS Studio allowRepositories option. From the documentation here it looks like SAS Studio is expecting a web host.

Managing SAS Metadata Repositories

Working With Repositories
Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer

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