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Calcite | Level 5


We have just installed SAS as a single user license in our organization, I used the deployment wizard and everything installed and works fine, but the only issue is that in Enterprise Guide, there is "no profile selected", and if I try to create a profile on the 8561 port on the localhost, it throws back an error saying there is no server running there, could you please help me create a profile and a metadata repository along with it, also if it is important to have the above in order to connect SAS with applications like VBA?



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Obviously "everything installed and works fine" is not the truth Smiley Wink

Verify that you have the Metadata Server running (look for the process in the process list) before everything else.

If not, check the install logs.

You may have to do reboot of your machine in order to start the services.

Barite | Level 11

How to check metadata server is running or not?


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On a _real_ operating system:

ps -ef|grep Metadata

Shows you the shell script and the SAS process.

Since I don't run a Windows server, I can't help you there.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Kurt,

Thanks a lot for writing in, by working fine, I meant, I can import and work around with the data without connecting to any profile (since my installation is local) and yes in the processes on the Task Manager, i have an application called the "SASStudioHost" running along with one more that just says "sas.exe" and "SAS 9.4 for windows" in the description

When i open Enterprise Guide and click on the "No Profile Selected" link it takes me to a window to create profile, when i try to create one on the local machine, it sends me an error "Unable to connect to the metadata server", I checked the install logs and there were no errors found there.



Barite | Level 11

When it is a Windows single user there is very normal no metadataserver involvment.

The connection is not a IOM server but a COM one. The Eguide should recognize the "local" installation. That local server is a registry entry set-up by the SAS-base installation Windows.

These two installations Eguide and SAS/base should be able to see each other and that connection cannot exist by segregated virtualizations (bubbles).

On the server list of the connection there is a checkbox allowing to see the local installation.

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