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HI There,

I am using sas applications like SAS EG & DI studio for development.

And there were no version control in place for the development process.

Now we have introduced Stash as the version control and started archiving sas codes manually.

I am new to this areaand  just wanted to know, if there any STASH plugin available for SAS and its setup.




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AFAIK, the only direct interface between a SAS component and a versioning system is the git support in Enterprise Guide.


In our company, we use SVN, and the interface has been built into the main development tool of our client and host programmers, which is Eclipse.

Eclipse retrieves the code from the repository and puts it into the SAS developers home directory on the SAS server (using SSH/sftp).

On check-in, the code is copied from the developer's directory into the production directory (from where batch jobs are run), and is checked in to SVN.


On further research, I see that Stash (Bitbucket) uses a git server, so you might be able to connect EG to that. Contact your SAS representative to check if this is possible.

Calcite | Level 5
Thanks Kurtbremser..
Before contacting the sas representative, would like to know few more details.
If i can connect to GIT from sas, what all set up i need to do..?
Any programming skills required or just file configuration..?
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Have a look at




Since any versioning system is a tool solely for programmers/developers, having the programmer's mindset and skills is mandatory (just like you need to know how to drive so you can use that shiny new car). Most prominent skill is the abilty to get and interpret information from the system's documentation.

Setting up the connection to the Stash/Bitbucket repository from SAS and vice versa is best handled with your IT people that run that system.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @rara,


I believe you are covered thanks to the great answers by @LinusH and @Kurt_Bremser. If you are not, please let us know.


Just one addition/clarification on my side:

  • For Enterprise Guide (EG):
    • As far as I know, Stash is just a GUI for GiT. Therefore, I don't think there is a SAS plugin for Stash, but you have a way to integrate SAS with GiT, as mentioned above. Only on . 
    • The version control will be done, of course, on the filesystem, not on the SAS metadata.
  • For Data Integration Studio (DI):
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The native Git integration for EG is described in this blog post about programmer features in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1.  And you can see a demo/video of the features in action here.

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