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Fluorite | Level 6

My query here is Is there any timeout in SAS being imposed ? It can be any timeout for that matter. 
While assigning a library in SAS EG is there a timeout ?
Or while accessing any SAS Applications 
or while accessing any applications from Citrix?

Meteorite | Level 14

Whenever when one is connecting to a remote machine/server, typically it uses the tcp/ip protocol.
This is configured to timeout if the connection has been idle for a specific time interval.
You can reach out to your network team to know about the exact value applicable in your environment.

SAS Employee

There are timeouts that can be set in the SAS 9 environment, like the following: 


You can set an inactive client timeout on the logical application servers that will disconnect clients after X amount of time if the connection is sitting idle: Force Servers to Disconnect Idle Clients


There is also a launch timeout that can be set for load balanced application servers to allow X amount of time to wait for the server to startup before failing due to exceeding that wait time. 

SAS Employee

You appear to have multiple questions that appear to cover a broad scope, as opposed to being specific. Nonetheless, I will attempt to provide what additional information I can based on both my perspective and what information has already been provided:


  • Additional information regarding the timeout for the TCP/IP protocol referred to in the first response for this thread can be found in the following answer to another SAS Communities question: Re: SAS Studio Time-out. While that user was asking about timeouts for the SAS Studio web application specifically, the general information concerning timeouts for the network protocol would still apply.

  • If you were wondering about timeouts for queries to various databases using the respective SAS/ACCESS product(s), you might want to review the QUERY_TIMEOUT= Data Set Option documentation.


  • Your questions appear to primarily be focused on SAS client applications and related technologies. However, if you were wondering about timeouts for SAS web applications, there are some resources that might be applicable to you:

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