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Hi all,


We have distributed environment of 4 physical machines. We have successfully upgraded 9.4 M4 on main machines(where  all server installed on one machine) and other 3 server serves installed only sas environment manager to monitor the performance.



We have only one sas depot which was available on server1 and I can't see any other depot on other machines.


In order to upgrade the sas env manager on another machine how we can copy or any link sas depot from server1?



Super User

Depending on your network infrastructure, you might either share the depot on your main server and mount it on the others (if network is really fast), or simply copy the whole depot (sftp or similar) to the other servers. If you're working on UNIX, don't forget to do a

chmod -R u+x /sas_depot

after the copy on the target machine. (replace sas_depot with your actual path)

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PS when I installed our current 9.4 on AIX, I created the depot from the media on my desktop PC, then used WinSCP to copy the whole thing (binary mode!) to the server (using the SAS install user account), then did the chmod. Worked like a charm.

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