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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 woo
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hello. I ran the SAS Install Qualification tool where results shows there is a mismatch on below checksum, 


software code:





and "Files not found" for,

(most of them are jar files which says "they were present in depot but are no longer preset at the time of this validation" + it says "No action require unless a user expects to see a file that is no longer present. Because file is not present, no validation can take place) 


software code:




However, all SAS services are up and running fine, all web apps up and and users can log in, and do not see any major validation error.


Is there any action require based on this IQ tool result? 

Sounds like some manual changes were made. You may wish to engage technical support so they can take a look at the report.

According to the documentation:

The SAS Installation Qualification Tool (SAS IQ) validates a SAS System installation by verifying that each
installed file is correct. A report is generated detailing all file results. This determination is made using the
md5 algorithm to create a value for each file.

Important: SAS IQ validation represents the state of the system as it was at the time the installation completed.
Most manual modifications made by the user to the SAS software components after the initial
installation will be detected by SAS IQ validation. Installing software after an initial installation
(such as an add-on installation or applying maintenance) should notresult in additional files being
flagged by SAS IQ as being changed.

For example, user modifications to configuration files such as sasv9.cfg or INI files will be
flagged by SAS IQ as files that are now different in checksum value than the files originally installed
on your system. In addition, renewing your SAS license will cause SAS IQ to flag files that have
changed such as the core.sas7bcatfile.
Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer

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