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Quartz | Level 8



We are required to run SAS Installation Qualification (IQ) after the first installation, then after any updates to the license done.

IQ is successful after the first installation.


When we added the Access to PC Files license, we were asked to do IQ again but we got an error. Then we were asked to do clean uninstall and re-install of SAS 9.4. We did IQ again after the re-installation, but we did not get an error. 


However, after our renewal of SAS 9.4 license, we did IQ again but we got 2 errors. We did the uninstallation and re-installation, but still 1 error remained after IQ. The error stated that there are excluded files for which the tool expected to find a difference. No action is required on the part of the user for these files. Is this error acceptable?


I was also hoping not to do uninstallation and reinstallation of SAS every time just to satisfy the IQ. 



I'm assuming that the licence applies correctly? If it does, and you have no other problems with your installation I doubt that the IQ errors are significant. We have never bothered running IQ after renewing licences.

Barite | Level 11

After te renewal it was ok, after adding a new part to the license  PC-files it ( the license IQ)   failed.

To be able to run some licensed part of SAS you must:

1- have it licensed present by registered it in the file sascore.sas7bcat  (the setinit) 

2- all code must have been deployed.


When the IQ failed it was the signal step 2 was not correctly done. That is why they asked to redeploy the instatlations with the new sid (assuming it present in the software depot)  Wiht the sid the setinit can be found.  

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