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Amethyst | Level 16

Hello All,


I am lately exploring possibilities on SAS Environment Manager as monitoring/alert tool, but even more as analysis tool for troubleshooting and fine tuning the SAS systems, on which I am finding quite useful.


A drop that is missing on my equation is the monitor for the LASR services (distributed and non-distributed) and the integration with Hadoop. 


Has anyone implemented those monitors and getting good success on it?

Are there plans to brig this by default on future versions? Or maybe it is something I don't manage to see on the current version.


Please share! 😄


Thank you in advance,


Best regards,


SAS Employee
Hi Juan, you can do a lot with SAS Environment Manager about LASR Server, for the distributed version you have a lot of tools inside the VA Admin interface.
Out-of-the-box you can monitor available memory at operating system level (it's a built-in metric for the machine) and you can customize your Environment Manager adding different checks for the LASR port.
Speaking about SAS Viya (SAS new platform) we have a new version of LASR server called Cloud Analytic Service with plenty of monitoring and controlling tool, stay tuned.
Amethyst | Level 16

Hello Andrea,


many thanks for the information, although I am aware so far about that. Hopefully it can be useful for other users.


I am looking for something a bit more specific on the available options, as examples or how to find/set up the monitoring for LASR servers, and the available metrics (tables loaded, total RAM, what is on memory and what is cached, and others) when setting those monitors.


Any experience or knowledge about it?


PS. Not much information about the CAS monitoring tools in the brochure you attached for SAS Viya.

 I am always keeping an eye on the documentation that is released on

Actually, there is actually promisingly good information about CAS monitoring on the administration side!/?cdcId=calcdc&cdcVersion=3.1&docsetId=calmonitoring&docsetTarget=n0p...



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