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have you contacted Tech Sup yet? If not, that might be something to run by TS.




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Can you explain to me what you mean by disk? Is this a single hard drive in your computer? If so, we have figured out your problem.  A single hard disk drive can not give you the IO performance needed for SAS.


Again, can you give us more specifics on the disks used to create the E:\ file system.


Obsidian | Level 7

Our E drive is a total of 14 disk using Raid-10. The E Drive is used to write our data sets to and is also used as our work directory. 

SAS Employee

I got pulled into another project the end of last week.  How many concurrent SAS jobs are running at any given time on your system?  7 drives may not be enough to give you the 100 MB/sec/physical core in your system that the SAS WORK file system needs.


Obsidian | Level 7
Hello Margret,

I'm not sure how many jobs during the day may be going at one time. We currently have about 60 workspaces spawned at the moment. We run right at 100 jobs from 12:30am - 9am.

I do have a decent background on the hardware side of servers. I do believe the bottleneck in our system is the I/O. Is there someone I can consult with through messaging, email, phone, in effort to increase our I/O capabilities?

Do you think that the WorkSpace disk should be shared where the datasets are or should it have it's own disks?

We have a SAN drive we can implement from our old SAS deployment. What could we use it for to get the best benefit?

Thanks for any advice.
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I am very happy to continue helping you with this.  Our best practice is to never have SAS WORK share the same disks as your permanent SAS data files.


Please read these two papers to see if they help address some of your questions.  And then email me at my SAS email address to continue the conversation (

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Put your permanent data on the SAN (this also makes mirroring across locations easier), and use an array of internal SSDs for WORK. And make sure that the whole data path (bridges, main bus, controllers) can handle the throughput of all disks. And make sure that all disks are included in the stripeset at any moment. It won't do if only 2 disks handle a given request.

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