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Calcite | Level 5

Hi Experts,


SAS Version: 9.4m5

OS: Windows 2012r2


We have successfully configured SAS to connect to a Kerberized Cloudera. We are only using 1 account (service ID) to connect to hadoop. Everything is working fine except for this issue. It looks like existing SAS EG Connection/session cannot recognize/retrieve a new Ticket with new Ticket lifetime.

With the the setup below from krb5.ini. We are renewing the ticket every 8hrs using a scheduler.

ticket_lifetime = 10hrs
renew_lifetime = 24hrs


The issue and scenario is:

1. Ticket will be generated at 6am (ticket will expire in 10hrs (4PM)

2. A renew job ticket will be triggered at around 6:10AM then every 8hrs

3. User will use EG and connect to hadoop at around 9AM (his session should get the ticket that was generated at 6AM)

4. Everything is working fine until 4PM. At 4PM the user cannot make a new libref to the hadoop. He needs to reconnect from the SASApp to be able to make a connection again.


We are not expecting the issue in No. 4 because we are renewing the ticket from back-end every 8hrs...

Is this a limitation? Any Solution/ or advise out there.. 🙂



This issue is not happening in BASE SAS



Fluorite | Level 6
Hi kevinc1,
I think the problem is due to what you have already noticed: the renewal of the ticket does not involve the active session, so you are forced to instantiate a new session.
The only way in my opinion is to increase the ticket_lifetime.

Kind regards,
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

If you could list steps you took for configuration, a lot of people struggle with Kerborized Hadoop on WIN SAS client server.  

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