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Calcite | Level 5

HI there,


I have SAS farm on Grid structure. I want to create a folder only on metadata not on Unix to provide access to some libraries

Case-- I have group A and it has some libraries

Group B has 25 users and only 3 users  need access to libraries for Group A


SO I create group C only on Metadata add 3 users to group C and provide this group access to library

Assumption - As libraries is created only on metadata server so if I create group on metadata server they should have access to this

problem is if I add this B group server to library then all users cann see group A 's library and if I dont add Group B server to library Group C users who are from Group B cant access libraries.


I know  simplest solution is to create group C on unix also 


but is there any other solution do we have?



Pyrite | Level 9

Hi ,


How about creating a folder and providing access to Group C and denying access to Group B?---will that help




Opal | Level 21

Please bear in mind that any permissions set up only in SAS metadata only apply to metadata-defined data sources.


Any SAS user can define a LIBNAME in a SAS program completely bypassing metadata permissions as long as OS permissions allow this.

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