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Calcite | Level 5



Our company is starting to deploy new Windows server "Windows Core" meaning that there is no GUI available on it.

Is it possible to install SAS Base  with SAS Connect  (SAS Share) on this infrastructure ? where can we find the documentation on how to proceed for this kind on installation ?


Thank you



Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @AlainPiraux,


this is actually a great question, and I am curious to know from our SAS peers if there is anything planned for it.


I don't think it is possible at this moment, at least it is not supported, as described on the System requirements for SAS 9.4


Mainly, because SAS has developer a GUI-less interface on Linux, but not for Windows as far as I am aware of.

Opal | Level 21

My understanding is that 64-bit Windows SAS is designed to run on both servers and desktops, hence the need to keep the GUI interface. I find it very convenient that you can log on to a Windows SAS server and just start the SAS GUI to do admin-type tasks. What would be the advantages of removing this be for server installs? Better security / reliability or something else?  

Calcite | Level 5

The aim of our Windows Engineering team is to get Windows Server without
Graphical User Interface installed on those to reduce the patching related
to security issues and reduce the risk of attack.
We should get only a Power Shell available on this.
Those Windows Server have mainly a SAS Connect running on , so the spwaner
to connect and interact with SAS running on z/OS

Thanks for you help and understanding

Super User

@AlainPiraux wrote:

..... to reduce the patching related
to security issues and reduce the risk of attack.

Then why don't you ditch the toyboxes and migrate to a real operating system? With UNIX, you can then migrate your SAS from z/OS "down" to the same UNIX server, and reduce license and maintenance costs (which are still high on MF's).

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