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I am interested in other's potential experience with installing SAS in linux containers (lxc) within a docker service or something similar (e.g., antsle.)  My current use case is entirely for development and testing.


For more information on installing RHEL 7 in a container see 


thanks in advance!



Obsidian | Level 7

Hi @alexal


I saw that. The only thing that confused me was this statement in the documentation:


A best practice for working with SAS Analytics for Containers is to install SAS on the same Linux OS on which the Docker container will run. Visit our support site for more information about the system requirements for running SAS 9.4 Linux


I could read that statement as:

(a) if docker is running RHEL 7.3, then run SAS on RHEL 7.3; or

(b) run SAS side by side with docker on the same instance of the Linux OS


If the latter, then it seems like it uses the docker OS version of RHEL rather than the container (or docklets.)  Since there is no mention of docker or container support in the link it is hard to tell what that really means.





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