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Quartz | Level 8


On our analysis of checking license key file we could see there is NO LICENSE NUMBER on the couple of key files which is delivered to us.

Could you please confirm whether this will cause any impact while applying the LICENSE files.


It has something like this



Normally I think it should be. 

*LICENSE=SAS <license number>;

Meteorite | Level 14

This is something one should contact SAS Support / SAS Partner.

Opal | Level 21

You can run PROC SETINIT on all of your SAS installations to confirm your site number(s) and name(s). You should have a licence file containing the site number and name for each installation due to be re-licensed.

Quartz | Level 8

@SASKiwi I think you are talking about current license which will help us to get details of site number/SAS Software from PROC SETINIT. 

We need to renew our licenses, the one which we receive software license renewal order email have NO LICENSE NUMBER on the couple of key files which is delivered to us.


Previous year it was with LICENSE NUMBER, so not sure it will impact anything while applying the licenses. Hence, we wanted to make sure before applying licenses.

Opal | Level 21

@kumarsandip975 - I've never seen a licence without a site number except for trial ones which are typically for a period of a month or so.

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