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Barite | Level 11

Hi all,

how to restrict the users from setting up libraries and registering tables in DI studio.Currently every user is setting up libraries and tables. we end up with a lot of duplication.

we want to give permission to particular users.


Thanks in advance.


Barite | Level 11

There is a role for library but I think ,it is  for whether we can give plugin access(Data Library Manager) to the user or not through management console ?

SAS Employee

There are some SAS client applications that do not implement roles and capabilities, DI Studio is one of them (as is Enterprise Miner).  For these apps, it is generally the case that users leveraging these more advanced applications have the same functional role, such as "ETL Developer" in this case.  I've implemented the concept of ETL Developers and Data Managers as two separate functional roles in the past.  For our Data Managers, we gave them WriteMetadata, Write, Create, and Delete permissions to shared data folders within metadata for registering libraries and tables.  Other users would just have ReadMetadata and Read permissions to these folders.  In this way, you can control who has access to manage shared locations for libraries/tables, even if you cannot restrict an ETL Developer from defining a library via DI Studio.   


I hope that helps.


- Angie

Barite | Level 11

Thanks for this  and we are following one of these.


But some users are setting up LIBS and tables in their team/shared folders, that causing the duplication.


is there any other way we can control .





What about not installing Management Console for those users? Do they need it for other reasons?

Barite | Level 11

Restricting SMC won't stop the users for setting up the libraries and tables from DI studio and also they need console for scheduling their jobs.

Super User

@angieh wrote:

There are some SAS client applications that do not implement roles and capabilities, DI Studio is one of them (as is Enterprise Miner).


IMO, that is a systemic bug, and should be fixed ASAP. ASAP meaning next Tuesday.

Consistency across the whole platform is essential for working with big software packages like SAS.

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