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Calcite | Level 5 LRN
Calcite | Level 5



Rebooting SAS server has not automatically started all the servers installed, including LSF. What configuration changes are needed so that all the servers will be started upon reboot of sas server.


Thank  you




Stopping and starting of SAS servers / services is usually controlled by scripts as they need to be done in the right order. Simply re-booting physical servers will not ensure this.


Without knowing what your SAS server setup is, its a bit hard to give you the right advice, but the start order for servers is:


Metadata servers

Application servers

LSF services

Mid-tier servers

Environment Manager agents (if any)


Stopping is done in the reverse order.

Calcite | Level 5 LRN
Calcite | Level 5

Thank you. I will have to restart all the sas services after physical reboot. Thank you so much

Amethyst | Level 16

You could always disable the automatic restart of the SAS related services, change them to manual, and schedule an script to start the services on a controlled way, to be triggered just after a reboot

Barite | Level 11

Check the documentation in what order the services at the server has to be started.

The scritps as delivered by SAS are sometimes having desing errors as trusting a sleep timer and not verifying the real event.

As when for some reason the delay is not sufficient you will be trapped in a not automaticalle startable system


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