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How do I prevent the Enterprise Guide standalone installer from rebooting a Windows 10 desktop?



Now for the details.


I am trying to use the standalone installer for Enterprise Guide 7.12 to deploy EG via SCCM to Windows 10 desktops.


I have created a response file using the command line SASEnterpriseGuide71_x86_x64.exe.exe ‐‐ ‐record ‐responsefile "<full path to the response file>"


I am using a PowerShell script to run the installation as the installer does not accept relative paths to the response file, and requires a full path.


The line that actually does the install is Start-Process -FilePath 'SASEnterpriseGuide71_x86_x64.exe' -ArguementList ' /verysilent -- -responsefile $workingDirectory\' -Wait -PassThru

$workingDirectory is a varible containing the path to the ccmcache folder the install is running from.


This script works; however, the installer will intermittently reboot the machine.


I am testing on a virtual machine that I can revert to the same state before each install, and the issue will still occur intermittently.


If I catch the reboot (an unsaved file in notepad is a good way of doing this) and cancel it before it happens, the install will continue on as if the reboot didn't need to occur. After the install, I can't see any errors in the logs and EG appears to be working correctly.


I have searched through the knowledge base article, the install guide, these community forums as well as the wider internet, but I cannot find any information relating to the standlone installer.


So my question is, can you suppress all reboot called by the standalone installer?


Thanks in advance,


Super User

I guess that the reason for the reboots is not EG per se, but the Microsoft modules (.NET, DAO, etc) that are installed as prerequisites. Those often force reboots one per one. So the question is better put to a MS oriented forum.



Micro-Soft is an apt description of the brains of the people working there.

And I would not run Windows 10 in a production environment. Since it was released in 2015, by MS standards this means it is in open beta test, you being one of the involuntary testers.


Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks for the reply Kurt.


I have done some more testing, and it appears the installation is completing before the reboot occurs.


If I monitor the logs in [SAS_HOME]\InstallMisc\InstallLogs, I can see that the DeploymentSummary and DeploymentRegistry logs are written just before the reboot occurs.


To me this would indicate that it is the EG installer that is calling the reboot, not one of the pre-requisites. If one of the pre-requisites was calling the reboot, it would be occuring before EG was installed.


It may or may not be one of the pre-requites that is flagging the reboot; however, it is the EG installer actually calling the reboot.


So my question is still valid, can you suppress all reboots called by the standalone installer?

SAS Employee



take a look at the following SAS Note:

and check out PASS 1, section 3.

The SAS Note is for 9.3, but is vaild for SAS 9.4 as well (EG 7.x).


SAS 9.4 also has a new option called srwonly

which *might* be an option as well.



Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks Anja,


I have found a possible work around that has been working so far, but if it turns out not to work, I will look into clearing the pending reboot flag in the registry.


The workaround I have been working on is to extract the standalone installer and use those files to comlete the installation.


The standalone installer is made up of two automated installers. The first one just calls the 2nd one and passes any command line arguements through. I have just been using the 2nd installer, and so far, I have not seen a reboot occur for ~20 installs.


I will do some further testing, but it looks like this will be the way I will work around this issue.


Does anyone know if the 1st layer of the standalone installer does anything other than pass command line arguements to the 2nd layer?

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