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Dear all,


I need to provide the capability to create and run stored processes to several people who work outside our organization and who connect to our SAS server through the firewall. They have their own Application Server instance defined (separated from SASApp).


I had our network people open the port to the metadata server, (individual) workspace server, web application server, and (individual) stored process server.


While running STP's from the http://server:port/SASStoredProcess URL worked, and defining stored processes from EG also worked, I could not run the STP from EG itself.


Are there additional ports that need to be opened on the firewall?

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello Kurt,


If you have open the ports as you have described on your SAS Management Console, there should not be a problem. Are you sure you are having problems on network ports? 


First, I would check the EG logging, probably it will provide some additional information.

Secondly, if it is not giving you relevant information (it could be), you can confirm or discard the ports options by running a network tool on the EG pc. Your network guys sure will have something available and it should be easy for them.


Besides this, I can also imagine that, if there is a problem on network communications, it might happen on the server side, on the firewall, or even on the client side. If it is a local pc, on that one, and if you are on a virtualised client, such as Citrix, on the citrix server or firewall where SAS clients are installed.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi Kurt,


We've been asked almost the same thing, namely to lauch stored process reports using SAS Add-In.


The following ports required to be opened between the PC and the SAS server(s) (standards 9.4 ports : adapt to your own specs accordingly) :


SAS metadata server : 8561


SASApp server : 8591 #workspace initial session


SASApp server : 8601, 8611, 8621, 8631 # stored process ports


Check also with the SAS EG log files that there aren't any DNS resolution issues between the PC network and the servers :


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