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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10



I run SAS jobs in mainframe enviroment.


May I aks how to run SAS base console in Mainframe(Some people can do it,they call that online SAS)? that has similar user interface like pc/unix interactive SAS.


If that available, I will don't have to write SAS code in jcl. I can wrote SAS code and use buttons and menus like PC SAS.



Opal | Level 21

Back in the days of the dinosaur, your were able to log onto TSO, and give the command SAS.  That would bring up an interactive version of SAS.  For that to work,  your TSO profile (wherever that is stored these days) must define what the SAS command means.  Once you get it to work, you'll have to see for yourself what the interface looks like today, I couldn't tell you.  However, note that you can bypass much of the JCL without jumping through these hoops.  You can replace DD statements with SAS statements such as LIBNAME and FILENAME (even in a batch program).  That is sure to work, but might require a little more detail such as adding 'DISP=OLD' to the LIBNAME or FILENAME statement.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
Thank you Astounding, fyi, TSO command Tso sas is what I looked.
Super User

What @Astounding said. The interface would be a text-based, three-window (editor, log, output) setup, navigated with function keys and tabs.


You should seriously consider moving your SAS to a UNIX server. Saved us lots of money, and the performance improvement was significant.

At least get Integration Technologies, so you can use the Enterprise Guide.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
Thank you Kurt, fyi, TSO command: Tso sas was what I looked for.

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