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Fluorite | Level 6

We are getting below error message while accessing SAS Web admin Console and SAS studio after Finishing Web Tier installation. This is first time we are trying after installation.

Error message:- 

public access has been denied. Public users are not allowed to access this SAS application. the current user has logged out.

We are trying with Admin user , this user is having all the required permissions.

I can see few error messages in Web Application Logs:-

1.Peer is not authorized to participate in trusted peer password generation

2. Not able to create context.

3.unable to fetch metadata roles and capabilities for the user sasadm@saspw

 Please provide your suggestions to fix this problem.

Opal | Level 21

Looks like you are testing with a SAS internal metadata account. I suggest you test these with a real OS account that is also defined in SAS metadata. SAS Studio requires this so a SAS workspace server session can be created. 

Fluorite | Level 6

Thank you for your reply , I tried with OS account also, but still getting the same error .

Thanks and Reagrds.
Opal | Level 21

I suggest you open a SAS Tech Support track for this problem.


You should check the metadata server log for more details regarding the accounts you are testing.

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi @cesargf80,


Hope you have checked the permissions of the account in SAS Management Console, whether the account is correctly setup and if you are using the correct case of the ID and with exact correct domain.

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