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Calcite | Level 5

I'm trying to upgrade our 9.3 to 9.4 but I got this error message:


The following problem was encountered while configuring SAS Metadata Server Configuration:

No MetadataServer listener was detected. Host=XXXXX.DomainName.local. Port=8561.

Configuration script:

C:\Program Files\SASHome2\SASFoundation\9.4\core\sasmisc\sasconf\metadatasrv\config\metadatasrv_config.xml

For more information, see the log file located at


You should confirm that this configuration error will not lead to errors with other products before ignoring
the error by answering Yes or Yes to All to the continuation question below. If you select Yes or Yes to All,
you will not be able to retry any ignored steps without completely unconfiguring and then configuring again.
If you are uncertain, contact SAS Technical Support for guidance before continuing with this deployment.

Would you like to continue with the remaining configuration steps?



And this is what it says in the log:


<var name=""  unset="true" />
            <var name="" unset="true" />
            <var name="" unset="true" />
            <propertyregex property="" input="${}" regexp=".*STATE.*:.*[0-9]  ([A-Z]*) $" select="\1" casesensitive="true" />
            <if><equals arg1="${}" arg2="RUNNING" casesensitive="True"/>
                  <echo message="The service &quot;${}&quot; is running." />
                  <property name=""  value="true"  />
                  <property name="" value="false" />
                  <property name="" value="true"  />
                  <echo message="The service &quot;${}&quot; is not running." />
                  <property name=""  value="false" />
                  <property name="" value="true"  />
                  <property name="" value="true"  />
            <var name=""  unset="true" />
            <var name="" unset="true" />
            <if><isset property="onZosHosts"/>
                  <!-- ensure z/OS file exists and the port is listening -->
                  <waitfor timeoutproperty="noMetadataServerListener" maxwait="${metadataserver.listener.zos.timeout}" maxwaitunit="second" checkevery="2" checkeveryunit="second">
                        <available file="${metadatasrv.config.dir}/${}"/>
                        <socket server="${iomsrv.metadatasrv.}" port="${iomsrv.metadatasrv.port}"/>
                  <waitfor timeoutproperty="noMetadataServerListener" maxwait="${metadatasrv.listener.timeout}" maxwaitunit="second" checkevery="2" checkeveryunit="second">
                     <socket server="${}" port="${iomsrv.metadatasrv.port}"/>


Where the error says "Host=XXXXX.DomainName.local. Port=8561." The XXXXX.DomainName I edited to that but in that name, our server name has an underscore there and would have been XX_XXX.DomainName but the wizard wouldn't let me enter the "_" in some steps but in others, I was able to enter the complete name with the underscore.


Could the unerscore in our server name be causing the problem?


This is only my 2nd time upgrading and both times are 9.3 to 9.4. I didn't have any problems the first time I upgraded.

Tourmaline | Level 20
A quick search at indicates that there are some issues with underscores within host names when it comes to the Web and mid tiers.
So a general guideline would be to avoid such naming.
But if you wish to keep the host name intact I sugest that you open a track to SAS tech support.
Data never sleeps
Calcite | Level 5

Thank you.


I actually spent a couple days looking through as much as I could to find any indication one way or another about naming and any issues but my searches kept coming empty. Not sure why except I must used wrong search criteria somehow.


Would it be easier to rename the server?


This server's been set up for a few years now so there's other network issues to consider.

Opal | Level 21

I would say there is enough evidence to confirm having underscores in SAS server host names is not a good idea:


All SAS installs I've been involved with stick with just alpha characters. The fact that you have been unable to specify an underscore during the install process is another indication.


I'd suggest discussing the implications of a name change with your IT guys.



Calcite | Level 5

Exactly what I was thinking even before the error came up.


Some windows in the wizard will let me enter the underscore and some won't which is why I wasn't too surprised to see this error.

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