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Quartz | Level 8

Hi Experts....

I am trying to find out the list of users who have accessed any SAS Report using SAS IDP or SAS WRS in teh last three months.

I tried to get the user details, but no luck Smiley Sad.

I would like to know where can teh Audit log for the users found on SMC.

We are using SAS 9.2 version.

Please suggest me if there is any pre- written code to find the users who can access the SAS BI Reports.



Tourmaline | Level 20

This question is better asked in the deployment forum.

My first advice is to upgrade to 9.4. There you'll have Environment Manager with out of the box reports.

Data never sleeps
Barite | Level 11

Agree with that upgrade to 9.4. But do not expect those sample reports of the environment manage solving your it governance questions. Environment manager is based on arm (available in 9.2) for collection some data and having some reports on it.

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