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Obsidian | Level 7

What would be the best and cheapest way to move to Brand new SAS linux server.


1. Clone the old sas server to New SAS server.


2.  Do the Fresh install on the new server.


Suggest if  you have any ideas...  Please let us know the issues with option 1..

Obsidian | Level 7

We are not planning to change the versions .. We would like to use the same software.. Our current setup is running with out any issues .. We would like move to new upgraded box with more power in it...

Super User

In that case - especially if your current metadata setup has proven to be sound - I see no reason not to clone the server.

Just make sure that your current server is ready to take over if the clone proves to be faulty.


PS This of course assumes that you can use a cloned image of your current server. If OS version (or anything else that is important) changes, a new setup of the SAS system may be recommended.


Opal | Level 21

How are you planning to move from your old server to your new one? Will the new server have a new host name and will both be working at the same time while you test the new one?


You can only clone if you keep the host name (server name) the same and turn off the old one prior to switching on the new one. If you want to have both working at the same time then the new server will have a new host name and SAS will need to be reconfigured.

Obsidian | Level 7

We did choose first option to clone the server. However, we did turn on both servers to have the parellel testing. The old server name has changed to new one on the new box. However, it did not work..some of the sas services are not up (locator instance, environment manager).  The old and new servers are part of different domains(, New short host name on the new box is not recongnizing by sas

Opal | Level 21

You have to go through re-configuring SAS on your new server changing all references to your old server names. There is a SAS tool for this:


What SAS version are you running?

Super User

Well, if you want to run both servers side by side, you CANNOT just clone the server and turn it on. Cloning means immediate switching (and turning off the old server)!

There are too many references to hostnames etc for this.

SAS Employee

Hello againreddy,


Kurt and SASKiwi have called out correctly cloning would be the way to go if you were going to maintain the same domain and hostname.


Unfortunately in your original post you did not make clear what changes you were going to make.


My advice (assuming you are on 9.3 or 9.4) is to use the SAS Migration Utility and package up your existing content on the original machine and beging building out a new deployment. That way you can run both machines in parallel (assuming they have differernt domain names etc.)


Building a new environment like this will of course mean your end users will need details of how to long onto via the SAS clients to the new server.


Most of what you need can be found here: and





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