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Pyrite | Level 9

I already reviewed the following threads:

Reading SAS Data in Microsoft Power BI (Help Please) - SAS Support Communities

The above thread seemed more appropriate to my scenario than below one. 

Solved: Reading Sas datasets in PowerBI - SAS Support Communities

I was able to find 2 additional links that talk about a similar thing. 

oledb - SAS OLE DB connection in Power BI - Stack Overflow

Solved: Connecting PowerBI to SAS server through OLEDB - Microsoft Fabric Community


I have tried many different permutations and combinations to get the correct connection string to OLE DB connection via PowerBI but not able to make it work. Appreciate any suggestions. 

Opal | Level 21

It would help if you explained your use case more fully. Where does your SAS data reside? On a SAS server, your PC or somewhere else? How many SAS tables do you want to get access to and how often are they updated? Is PowerBI version you are using the PC app or the server-based version? 


If you are trying to connect to a remote SAS server, that will only work if you have SAS/Share installed and licensed. Personally I've found it a lot better just to load SAS tables into SQL Server as there is no complicated setup required to work with PowerBI. This is probably only a good option for small numbers of tables and lower data volumes however.

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