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I know how to make datasets and other files in sas work persistant if I have control over the code that is executed on the sas server. Actually this is described in an article that I found, when I was searching for a problem solution:

I'm an administrator of a sas server that executes sas code that is dynamically generated in a web service outside sas. So there is no way for me to inject sas code that copies files from work to a persistant data location. I still have the need to see what is contained in the temporary files for debugging and analysis.
Is there a way to tell sas on a configuration level to keep files in work or copy it to a persistant data location, so that I have access to it after the sas session has ended?

Solutions and ideas for solutions are welcome.

Thanks in advance


Have a look at the paper 'Tips for Managing SAS® Work Libraries': You may also want to analyze the cleanwork utility and maybe even this paper:
Super User Tom
Super User

Here is a method that will not depend on what the system admins have done.


Make sure your code is creating/referencing the "work" files using single level names.  MYDATA instead of WORK.MYDATA.


Then you can create a USER libref and SAS will automatically use USER.MYDATA instead of WORK.MYDATA for the single level name MYDATA references.  Or look into the USER= option to use a different libref for the location where you want the single level names to go.



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