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By popular demand the latest version of the SAS_lsm utility contains a new feature for log capturing. The updated utility can be downloaded from SAS Usage Note 58231: Utility that manages multi-tiered SAS® services for Unix/Linux deployments ( Details:

In the event of a failure to successfully complete a start or stop action, the SAS_lsm utility will create a Bill Of Materials (BOM) that identifies potential tier error logs of interest. The generated BOM file can be reviewed to assist in determining what prevented the successful completion of the start or stop action. Additionally SAS_lsm will create a BOM file if a status action detects that a previously successfully started deployment has tier services that have failed to remain operational.

If SAS_lsm is invoked with the -e option, the utility will additionally extract copies of the logs to a centralized location. Because SAS logs can be large, the utility will trim the copy to only reflect the previous hour of activity. These logs can then be conveniently reviewed or compressed and sent to SAS Technical Support for review. Please note that the logging feature will be activiated after you use SAS_lsm to either start or stop your deployment.


After downloading the new version of SAS_lsm, please refer to the SAS_lsm.pdf file for additional detail.


Enjoy and keep the feedback coming!





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The SAS_lsm utility provides management of multi-tiered Unix/Linux based services from a single shell script using password-less Secure Shell (SSH). You can use the script from the command line, scheduled cron job, or your operating-system reboot facility.
This utility performs the following tasks for multi-tiered Unix/Linux SAS deployment:- reads a user-defined configuration file to establish the proper start & stop action sequence of all the tiers that comprise an entire deployment

  • provides start & stop action management of all tiers that comprise an entire deployment from one location
  • ensures that tier-specific start action dependencies are in the correct state
    • prerequisite tiers started
    • dependency tiers stopped
  • automates start & stop action status reporting and notification for individual tiers and for the entire deployment
  • provides real-time status reporting for individual tiers and for the entire deployment 

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