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Barite | Level 11 woo
Barite | Level 11

LIBNAME mylib SASIOLA  TAG=mylib  PORT=10121 HOST=""  SIGNER="" ;


library has correct "data server" definition defined. i also checked that none other same engine library has same tag name


we have alias in place for server names - is that a problem? if that is the case then i believe "server definition" + authorization service definition needs to be changed with alias name instead straight server name, isn't it?

Barite | Level 11 woo
Barite | Level 11

sorry, i overlooked. server definition and "lasr authorization service" definition is correct, no alias name mentioned anywhere for any midtier server.


so problem still there, somehow display libname statement showing SIGNER="https://midtier-alis:443/SASLASRAuthorization" ;


not sure where it is coming from...



SAS Employee

I am assuming that these tasks previously worked as expected in your deployment.

You indicated that you have changed some components of the configuration, including the proxy server.

I recommend that you open a discussion with SAS Technical Support.  Be sure to provide specifics about your OS and infrastructure, as well as changes you have made to the SAS configuration.


SAS Employee



If you open a track and send me a number, I can schedule a WebEx with you next week.

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