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Quartz | Level 8



I am wanting to find out how to kill a VA process.  I know for E-guide you can kill a user session via Management Console but when how can I do the same for a VA process?  I was able to do it via Task Manager on the server but am hoping there is a nicer way of doing this like for e-guide.


The user had run a crazy query which was then utilising 99% CPU on the server and didn't know how to stop it.  He closed the browser but this obviously didn't kill the SAS process.




Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @tammy_dezilva,


good question!


Did your user scheduled the query? If it is scheduled: If you want to kill just the query, it should be enough just by:


  • Linux: "ps -ef | grep '(name_of_your_query)' ", then get the PID, and "kill -9 (PID)"
  • Windows: look into task manager for a process with the path as $SASCONFIG\SchedulingServer\(name_of_query), then you can kill it.


If it is not scheduled, it is a bit harder, probably it would be much easier to just kill the LASR server where the query is running (I understand you know how to kill/stop a LASR server), start LASR, and reload all the data. There are other ways, but more tricky ones.



Quartz | Level 8

Hi @JuanS_OCS


It wasn't a scheduled process unfortunately.


Restarting the LASR server isn't desirable as all the users connected will be impacted as well then.


Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @tammy_dezilva, if it is not an scheduled query, what is it? Additional details might help.

Quartz | Level 8

Perhaps I should mention that we're using VA 7.1


The user went to "Create Data Query", built his query and then ran it. It wasn't scheduled to run at a later point in time.


Whilst restarting a LASR server is considered a last-resort option, it does highlight the benefit of having more LASR servers - each specifically tasked, such as:

  • Operational tasks & associated LASR libraries
  • Discovery tasks & associated LASR libraries
  • Autoload tasks & associated LASR libraries
  • .. and these can be broken down even more by team, department, etc.

Plus the table limit you can set is server-based, not library- or table-based, so that's another way to ensure one server does not overwhelm your VA platform, and (if necessary) lets you restart one LASR server without upsetting users on the other LASR servers. See page 83 of the VA 7.1 Admin Guide or page 100 of the VA 7.3 Admin Guide.

Quartz | Level 8

HI @AndrewHowell


Yep we do have some team LASR servers, but it's the same problem - it would the impact more than one person that is connected to that LASR.  Although the impact would be less than if they were running it on the public LASR.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello again @tammy_dezilva,


Could you please check your SAS Workspace Server metadata definitions? It would be interesting to know if your Workspace server is authenticating with Host authentication or SAS Token Authentication.


If it is a Host Authentication, you should be able to see a SAS process in the server on the name of the user who started the query, then you can kill it. Otherwise, all the users will launch SAS process on the SAS Token account (lasradm or sassrv, generally), and in that case it could be a bit harder for you to trace what session you need to kill.

Quartz | Level 8

Hi @JuanS_OCS


It's host authentication so that doesn't make sense then?

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