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How do I know that is there any limitations on SAS 9.4 M6 container deployment on GCP  or we can deploy on all SAS components? In one of the technical paper I can see SAS is not recommending container for SAS Metadata server, SAS MidTier server , SAS EnterpriseMiner.


"SAS 9.4 stateful components – The SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platform has several components that require a stateful
environment. These components include the SAS Metadata Server, SAS middle tier, and SAS Java clients such
as SAS Enterprise Miner. It is difficult to deploy these components in a containerized environment and retain the
benefits of a container. Currently, SAS recommends that these types of stateful SAS implementations be deployed
in VM environments or directly on cloud instances rather than through containers. "


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Accepted Solutions
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Use virtual machines instead of containers. Just for wit, SAS University Edition is a complete BI Server packed into a VM.

Our data warehouse also has its own AIX LPAR.

Calcite | Level 5
Hi Alexal, thank you for sharing the link it really helpful.
Calcite | Level 5
Hi KurtBremser, thank you for information! We are exploring for the possible options,

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