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SAS Employee

welcome to the group - I've been at SAS as a consultant for 4 years, prior to that I was a Capacity Manager at DHL, prior to that a Capacity Manager at Airborne Express. I've beed writing SAS code for over 20 years

SAS Employee

My name is Alan W. Phillips. I've been an ITRM Consultant at SAS for just over 10 years. Before that I was a Senior Systems Analyst with Eastman Chemical Company for 4 years. Prior to that I was a Senior Systems Programmer for MVS at Eastman Chemical Company, responsible for Performance Management, Capacity Planning, and DASD Space Management. I've been writing SAS code since 1978.

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Rod, Nice to "c" you Smiley Happy - Hi folks (lots of views, not many replies!) - Brian Watts. Coding in SAS since 1985 (SAS v5 on Mainframe), independent consultant mostly direct to commercial corporate customers until 1998 when I joined SAS Sydney. Year on year built on BASE/Macro/Graph/MXG performance management and chargeback experience. Added Wintel, UNIX, OMVS platforms, Network, Comms & RACF, ACF/2 and ADS security. SAS Platform migration (9.1.3 to 9.2) certified (Also prior experience migrating v5 to v6 to v8 to v9)., worked at SAS until 2006 (sas tech specialist, senior tech specialist, principal tech specialist then principal consultant) - went feral again in 2006 to run a SAS services business (SAS partner in Australia). Built up rep around SAS ITRM since 1998 (ITSV), installed & configured ITRM v2.x, 3.1.1, 3.1.2 on numerous systems, z/OS (ie all SAS STC Servers on z), AIX, Windows Server, Linux) at various customer sites, hence solid knowledge & experience in SAS Platform Admin, SAS Enterprise BI & DI, EGuide, SAS Platform Architecture etc. A couple of years of SAS Credit Risk Management in there too. (and now I would like an investor to back building a secure "carbon negative" data center on a farm in the mid south west of western australia !!). Pleased to meet you.

Calcite | Level 5

Hey Rod !  Great idea opening this discussion group in communities.  i have opened a similar one at the SASCANADA site at but i guess there are not many ITRM users in Canada that have seen the site.  I currently work for Transport Canada, the Federal Government of Canada and I have been supporting ITRM v3.1.1 for almost 3 years now.  I am more a system admin than a coder but i am slowly making my way through the custom code Rod and the gang created for us while I try and see how to update what we have with new source databases (VMware and Citrix) plus to start looking deeper at our SAN infrastructure.  I would be interested in hearing about anyone's experiences in upgrading ITRM from 3.1.x to 3.2 as I have to do that in order to make VMware (aka Vsphere) talk with our adapters.  I have also been supporting about 60 users on Enterprise guide 4.2/4.3 on SAS Base 9.2.  I am also anxious to get it upgraded to SAS Base 9.3 with Enterprise Guide 5.1 but that's for another discussion page !!!  Happy to be here and to meet you all !!!!

SAS Employee

Greetings all!  My name is Andy Parks.  I’ve been at SAS for 16 years and in the IT Intelligence area in a variety of roles – consultant, instructor, project manager, sales support – for the bulk of that time. Started coding SAS on a keypunch machine in 1979 at GWU, and accumulated SAS skills through my work at US Department of Labor, Commerce, Federal Reserve, and the International Trade Commission.  Currently I provide support for the global IT Intelligence community, working with sales, marketing, professional services, R&D, education and tech support.  Looking forward to some good discussions here.

Calcite | Level 5

hey everyone my name is Charles George and I am here to learn more about SAS Code and just to talk to people who know what they are doing.

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