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Which operating system are you using?


Instructions are pretty clear to me:

1) download the correct ZIP file

2) unzip the contents

3) copy some of the files and place them in specific folders of your SAS Install.


Note, if you have an organization  managing your SAS installation set up you may not have permissions to write files into one or more of those folders and need someone with permissions to write the files to the folder.

Fluorite | Level 6
Thanks ballardw!

Would you say more on how to install the file to SAS EG once I download and
unzip the contents?

You can only do it yourself if EG is running SAS on your PC. If it is connecting to a remote SAS server then that would be a job for your SAS administrator. TRAJ is not an EG install, it is a SAS server install.

Barite | Level 11

The instructions in the link are correct regardless of the IDE you're using, EG or DM.   If you're running EG with a local install, it's just calling sas.exe the same as DM would be if you ran it directly. All you do is copy the .dll files to a particular folder.  (You can also copy them to a different folder and add that folder to the PATH in your sas config, if you know how to do that.)


If you don't have a local install, then you can't install PROC TRAJ directly, you have to talk to your server admin and they have to install it on the server.  It's the same concept (put it in the right folder and/or in another folder in the PATH), but it's on the server not on your computer.

Fluorite | Level 6
I would like more information how to add the folder in my sas config? I am not quite sure on how to do that.
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The first thing we must know: is SAS itself (Enterprise Guide is just a frontend) installed on your PC, or on a remote server? Do you use a "Local" server in EG, or do you use a connection profile to a remote server?

Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks Kurt!

I got SAS from my University. I think it is installed on my PC. I also use a local server.

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