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Fluorite | Level 6

Does anyone have any tips on installing and running Enterprise Guide in a virtual environment?  I have been working with my virtual admins in getting EG to work and are running into issues with getting it to run and install properly.   I am just installing the standalone EG files in the appstack along with the office plugin.  I did not think that should have been an issue with running that as an Appstack, but it is proving to be more challenging than I would have thought.    


To get the programs to install at all I did have to change the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable to -Xmx512m otherwise the install would fail.  


any help would be appreciated!




I think you will make more progress raising a track with SAS Tech Support if you haven't done so already. For starters your install environment Windows OS must be supported by EG - what version are you installing on?

Barite | Level 11

Hi @kgeorge130 


I agree with @SASKiwi , log a ticket with SAS support and work with them in parallel. Just for reference, I'm giving the link to our virtualization policy:


If you can provide us with some more information on the error(s), we could possibly assist more.

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