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We have a 5-server environment (version 9.4M4, metadata server, two workspace servers, two midtier nodes) which need to get new IP addresses (due to, high level, new security requirements).  Nothing else about the servers needs to change at all: same server name, etc.


Has anyone dealt with anything like that?  This link suggests that we might be able to interpret the new IP range as a "DR" site which  would apparently just give some warnings in some logs, and no big deal. Granted, what if a DR situation actually occurs... could we restore backups to yet another IP range and still just get warnings?


Another angle is to plumb the servers for IP references in configs and mass change them all (something to try in a test environment)... or are the IP's baked into impossible-to-find metadata databases too?  (Aside: we are asking SAS directly too, but I'm always very interested in Community insights as well.)

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IIRC, SAS only works with the DNS names of servers, not with the numerical IP addresses. I would shut down the servers before the change, and restart after the change is made.

SAS Employee

The only place I am aware of IPs being used is The standard is usually 239 followed by the last three octets of the metadata server.  On Windows, this value is found in the WebAppServer wrapper.conf.





On Linux this value is 




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