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Quartz | Level 8

I want to authenticate Logical work space server in my client machine of sas 9.2. That machine has no user of sassrv as External User Accounts for SAS so I can't validate/authenticate. Is there any way to do the same using sas demo user? 



When I try to to do it with sas demo user, I receive the following error!


The user sas demo user could not log on the server "SASApp - Logical Workspace Server" 


Starting extended validation for Workspace server (level 1) - Making a connection
SEVERE: Unknown user SASPrimary\sassrv or invalid password
SEVERE: Error authenticating user SASPrimary\sassrv in function LogonUser. Error 1331 (Logon failure: account currently disabled. ).
SEVERE: The application could not log on to the server "". The user ID "SASPrimary\sassrv" or the password is incorrect.SEVERE: The user "SAS Demo User" could not log on to the server "SASApp - Logical Workspace Server".

Super User

sassrv is an external account that is assigned to the SAS General Servers group (not to an individual account in SAS metadata). sassrv is used by the spawner to start pooled servers (including the Stored Process Servers).

For testing non-pooled workspace servers, use an individual metadata user that does have an external account in the operating system.

sasdemo will only be available if it was set up with Software Deployment Manager at SAS installation, where it is optional.

Use a "normal" user account to verify non-pooled workspace servers.

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

From the SAS Object Spawner log fragment you posted it looks like your SAS Workspace Server is most likely configured for SAS Token Authentication using the sassrv account and that the sassrv account has since been disabled and so the sasdemo identity cannot use that workspace server. I would suggest you start by re-enabling the sassrv account in the host operating system (or domain). Alternatively revert the SAS Workspace Server definition to username/password, restart the SAS Object Spawner, and let the sasdemo identity launch a workspace server using its own identity. Of course, if you decide to reconfigure the SAS Object Spawner you should first investigate why it was configured for SAS Token Authentication (there can be very good reasons for doing this) and who and what may be disrupted if you change it.


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