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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi There,

we have SAS 9.3 EBI System and Dev team developed the SAS STP code that been on placed on SAS ID portal Pages in Dev System.

Now i would like to migrate the STP code from Dev to Test, that i can do using Export Package/Import Package in AIX command line.

My Query is:

How to migrate SAS ID portal Pages and Portlets from Dev to Test?

Can I do with Export/Import in SAS 9.3? as i did re created portal pages in SAS 9.2 test/prod systems, not migrated.



Amethyst | Level 16



as @GyaniBaba proposed, there are tools to export/import/migrate Portal content. This is specially interesting if you have lots of pages/portlets or complicated ones that you cannnot manually create.

This process will basically ensure that your metadata and content server items will be migrated on the right way.


Even after you do this, probably you might need to adjust some items not based on variables, as your fixed urls that where pointing to your development web server to your test web server, and so.

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