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Fluorite | Level 6
How do I install the Oracle client on Sas Viya 4 ? I need to acces an Oracle RDS database in AWS.
I have deployed using the GitHub files for AWS iac.

I found some older docs on how to edit the overlay files and use Kustomize, but they don’t work.

Is there a step by step guide to download the drivers and add them to the right pods.
Opal | Level 21

Here is the only reference to Oracle I can find in the install docs.


As mentioned you will need the Oracle client software installed in your Viya 4 environment.


This Communities post explains in more detail how to configure Viya 4 data connectors.

Fluorite | Level 6
Thanks. I had been following those guides.

I was hoping for a better step by step guide that’s easy to follow. For example . I’ve deployed using their GitHub repos for iac-aws and deployment.
Opal | Level 21

It would be worth opening a Tech Support Track to work through the steps you are unsure about. Viya 4 is still pretty new and there aren't a lot of Community users with the firsthand experience to help. Also Viya 4 seems to be using more of a cloud-based SaaS delivery model which doesn't help those who prefer a more DIY approach 😉


Feel free to post additional details back in this post. I'm interested as Viya 4 is on our radar along with many others.


Generally speaking, you need the client to be on a file system we can mount into any pods that need it. Often this is done using the NFS server deployed by the IAC. You create a path for the Oracle client within the NFS share, extract the oracle client there, and then use the sample data-access YAML files to mount the NFS to the pods as needed. Then you define the environment variables with the file to point to the mounted path. The file in $deploy/sas-bases/examples/data-access has more detail on this, or $deploy/sas-bases/docs/configuring_sasaccess_and_data_connectors_for_sas_viya_4.htm if you'd like to view it with a browser.


Here's a link to the HTML doc from the latest stable release:

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