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Calcite | Level 5



  Am new to SAS and planning a new installation.  


  I am hoping someone has already solved the questions I am posting and can share your learnings/experiences.


 Am wanting to constrain/limit usage in our sandbox environment.


  How can I...


    1) Constrain the amount of disk storage consumed by an individual user?

    2) Limit the amount of processing resources (i.e. cpu, memory, i/o) allocated to any particualr active session?
    3) Limit/prevent access to recurring schedules?
    4) Limit/prevent ability to write back to a DBMS?



Thanks In Advance,


Tourmaline | Level 20
1) Yes, but not using SAS tools. You need to explore the options in your OS.
2) See 1).
3) Please elaborate about this one.
4) Yes. But how to design this is a not a binary matter. You can limit authorization in the RDBMS and in SAS metadata as well. So you need to document the requirements for the environment first and then design the authorization pattern.
Data never sleeps
Super User

1 and 2 are clearly tasks for the operating system administration. 1 is done with defining quotas for users/groups, 2 by using a tool like the AIX workload manager.

3 needs further clarification. Define "schedules".

4 is a task for the DBMS administrator. Once permissions are correctly set within the DBMS, users will not be able to exceed them from within SAS. Do NOT use a shared DBMS ID; instead have every user use his/her own ID when connecting to the DBMS.

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks for the responses.  Had anticipated that I would be looking outside SAS to address these, but thought I would run the questions by experienced admins.

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