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Calcite | Level 5
Hello All,

I need advice on how much CORES/RAM etc is needed for below dataset size:
1. Around 200 datasets
2. Field count approx 150 per dataset
3. Record count approx 200 million records per dataset
4. Users 10

It would be helpful if anyone can guide in sizing needed.
SAS Employee

A lot more information is needed before we can advise you on how many cores will be needed.  

I advise you to work with your SAS team to get a hardware estimate (i.e. Sizing) that will be based on not only the data file size, but how your 10 users will be using SAS.  


Calcite | Level 5
Can you specify what other information is needed?
We have an infrastructure at present which seems too basic for our need.

10 users will most probably execute profiling in concurrent mode

We just need a approx sizing for budgeting

Talk to SAS, they know best how much (virtual) hardware is required.

Opal | Level 21

Ask your SAS account manager to organise a SAS installation sizing estimate. They will send you a questionnaire containing the required information and once this is completed they will respond with a sizing estimate.

Tourmaline | Level 20

To add:

- query/update patterns

- how frequently?

- concurrent users

- requirement on response/query timings

Data never sleeps
Meteorite | Level 14

The following paper has guideliness on initially sizing a SAS Installation.  In addition the following link has useful resources .

A pieces of advice, based on the estimate of 10 users your install would not be big, try to keep it simple unless you have something very specific and are planning to hire a SAS Administrator (SAS programming and SAS adminsistration are related but distinct tasks).  Linux as the server OS is my preferred choice.

suga badge.PNGThe SAS Users Group for Administrators (SUGA) is open to all SAS administrators and architects who install, update, manage or maintain a SAS deployment. 

Join SUGA 

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