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Calcite | Level 5

We've been implementing Workload Orchestrator 9.4M6 (SAS Grid) in our Windows environment, and I was wondering if any other people out there have done the same thing. We have run into a lot of issues and gone through a lot of hotfixes and I'd be curious to see if others have the same experience. Or is anyone running WO in Linux, with any issues?



SAS Employee

I would first make sure you are up-to-date with the software.  Coincidentally, SAS just updated its SAS Workload Orchestrator hot fix bundle yesterday (01may2019).  This is available for download now, and addresses several issues as noted on the associated hot fix page here:


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SAS Employee

What issues are you seeing? There was a fix for a memory leak but I have not heard of any other Windows specific problems.


The latest hotfix deals with changes required to support constrained delegation on Windows. There will be other hotfixes to other components for constrained delegation coming in the future.

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks Mark and Doug! I wasn't trying to go into any troubleshooting here; I have several tech tracks open and have applied a lot of hotfixes with SAS employees to try to get our environment up.


Our current environment, which was installed on new, blank servers, has had problems with Grid being completely inoperable randomly, the inability for SAS users to log in with their domain accounts (because slashes weren't properly escaped in SWO), Scheduler not being able to submit jobs on SWO, Excel Add in not recognizing datasets when we're running on SWO algorithims, and more.


I was really curious if this was a lot of bad luck on our side, or a result of SWO not working well with Windows, or what kind of experiences customers were having in general.

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