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Calcite | Level 5

Hi All,

One of the zOS 2.4 upgrade action health checker ZOSMIGV2R3_NEXT_VSM_USERKEYCOMM had found use of user key common storage. I'm trying to find the instances which is using the user keys 8-15. SMF Type 30 is getting captured in our environment of subtype fields of SMF30_UserKeyCsaUsage, SMF30_UserKeyChangKeyUsage, SMF30_UserKeyCadsUsage and one way to find is to run SMF report on this fields to find the instances so trying to get help from this forum who can advice me on this. 

Community Manager

I don't know if this is exactly related to SAS...but others here may be familiar with this mainframe task.

SAS Employee

This sounds like the sort of thing you should consider using MXG to process the SMF type 30 records into SAS with.

It's been a long time since I used MXG, so I'm ill-equipped to advise you on that.   Do you have MXG?  See for more information.


Carl Sommer

Calcite | Level 5

ok that's cool Carl. we have MXG I think version 39 is being used. 

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