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Obsidian | Level 7



I've scheduled some flows under schedule manager in SAS MC. It works fine if I run them by 'Run now' option but when i schedule them to be run at specific time, nothing happens and they don't run.

Tourmaline | Level 20
Lots of more information is needed.
- What scheduler are you using
- Versions
- What trouble shooting steps have you preformed so far
- What information is available in the Scheduling Server logs, generated scripts etc
Data never sleeps
Obsidian | Level 7

- What scheduler are you using: Schedule manager 
- Versions  sas 9.4 M4
- What trouble shooting steps have you preformed so far, checking my role for scheduling job and it is ok. 
- What information is available in the Scheduling Server logs, generated scripts etc.only logs for the scheduled sas program 



We have similar issue in Decision Manager that the scheduled model can be run when my colleague select 'Run Now' but it doesn't run at the scheduled time.


Schedule Manager is just the tool for controlling the scheduler, not the actual scheduler itself. See the screenshot of our scheduling options - yours may be different:




Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @Evelina,


are you able to run/schedule any flows/jobs at all?


From my current perspective, it might be the case that the flows are sent/scheduled to the Process Manager, but they give errors at initial execution time.


Hence you could:

- Give a look to the Flow Manager client, to check the status of the scheduled flows. Probably return code 2, minimum.

- Give a look, in your SAS server (compute server), to the logs on: Process Manager or Windows Event Logs (if Linux, system logs)


You are looking for finding the return codes. Depending on your return codes, your error might be of a different flavour.

Please let us know how it goes.


Kind regards,


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