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Obsidian | Level 7



I have a situation regarding Flow Manager.

Let's say a user is scheduled a flow in SMC and it ended with error. The user that ran that flow is out of office and another user needs to rerrun the flow. 

In this moment he is unable to do this, because Rerun, Kill, Resume, Suspend buttons are greyed out.

It is a possiblity to make other users to rerun a job that was ran under another account ?




Ammonite | Level 13

I don't think it's possible unless the other user is admin. I think admin user has all the privileges.

Obsidian | Level 7



I tried with an admin user and it couldn't Rerun or kill the job.

Any other ideas ?



Super User

Production level jobs should not be run by individual users, but a generic user assigned to the data center operators. That way it is guaranteed that a job can always be run/rerun, with no regard for absences of individuals.

SAS Employee


I generally agree with both @Kurt_Bremser and @Anand_V 

For admin user, we're talking about an Platform admin as specified in the js.conf file, not a SAS admin in metadata.

There is this concept of a Group Administrator in the Platform doc.  I've always wanted to try it and see if it addresses the issues posed in this thread.  Does anyone have experience with Group administrator in Platform?


Process Manager Group administrator:
Users that are specified as GROUP_ADMIN in LSF user groups in the lsb.users file when JS_ENABLE_GROUP_ADMIN=true in js.conf.

Group administrators can view flow definitions, flows, and calendars owned by all users. Group administrators can control flows and jobs on behalf of users who are members of the same LSF user group.


Obsidian | Level 7



@kdebruhl I added in lsb.users the below line:

ugroup4 all (user1 user2) (user1 user2)


In js.conf at the end of the file I put JS_ENABLE_GROUP_ADMIN=true


I restarted the PPM services and I ran badmin reconfig and I get the following error:


C:\Windows\system32>badmin reconfig

Checking configuration files ...

There are warning errors.

Do you want to see detailed messages? [y/n] y
Oct 13 11:25:07 2020 8980:8988 3 8.0.1 do_Groups: File \\server1\LSFShare\co
nf\lsbatch/cluster1/configdir/lsb.users at line 12: Values do not match keys in
usergroup section; ignoring line
Checking configuration files ...
No fatal errors found.
Warning: Some configuration parameters may be incorrect.
They are either ignored or replaced by default values.


Can you please advice on this ?





Obsidian | Level 7

I mananged to figure it out by editing ls.conf:

I modified JS_CONTROL_ADMINS= user1, user2
# --------------------------
# Specifies the administrators who have global privilege to
# control the flows and jobs in Process Manager.
# To specify a list, separate the names with a comma without any space.

I tested, and every user can rerun, kill a job.


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