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Hello everyone,


I have this user who has access to four environments, and he can log into SAS portal for all environments without any issue. But now he cannot login to DEV. So what I have done so far is made sure all the groups and roles he is assigned to does match with all other environments because I realized he has more roles in Dev than other environments. This did not stop the error he gets when trying to login to the portal. The second thing I did was to delete his account entirely and recreated it, but still having error logging in.


Well for each time, I log in to the portal as SAS and then log out then have him try so that the changes I make do take effect.


Has anyone encountered such an issue before and how it was approached to help solve it. Or is there any suggestions here to help me resolve this issue, that will be much appreciated. I am using SAS 9.2.


Thank you,


Super User

When we had SAS 9.2 we had issues logging in to our portal when users had and an asterisk (*) in their password. 

I doubt that's the issue but just thought I'd share 🙂


I wonder if the server assignments got mixed up somehow on his computer, did anything change in the DEV system recently?


Calcite | Level 5

Hi Reeza,


Thank you for your thoughts, yes he does have asterisk (*) in his password but he can log in to the other environments.



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