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Calcite | Level 5

Does anyone have any experience with the error message: Output buffer overflow ?

And/or possible causes?


Super User

Could you please provide what you were doing when it happened (installation, program run, query)?

And provide the SAS code if it happened during code execution?

Calcite | Level 5

The error message is most apparent to me when I try to run a query but it also affects my account permissions, ie I can no longer see the tables I previously had access to.  So in addition to the error message above, I also get the generic error of "unable to get SAS code".  The SAS Admins in my organization suspect it has something to do with the active directory systems tied to my account.  This isn't really my area of expertise so I'm just trying to educate myself a little bit.

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unable to get SAS code:

Could be a permissions problem caused by AD, if your data resides in the Windows environment.

Usually I would suggest to try to somehow access the data files from the commandline (make a copy, read with a hex editor, ...) in order to establish if permissions play a role.

Also be aware that, when using EG and a workspace server, the workspace server may run under a different userID and/or inherit permission settings/limits from the object spawner.

Calcite | Level 5

thank you for your time and response.

Barite | Level 11

Does it happen when your are using an external DBMS like Oracle and using some SAS approaches but wrong for that inteface?
Seen the interface SAS/Access being get corrupted with these kind of messages as result, After a restart it is working again.

There are several more occasions I have seen these kind of troubles (connect share and MVS-mainframe related).

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