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Obsidian | Level 7

Hello All,


We have recently enabled Environment Manager. We were able to get the ACM ETLs going but are receiving the errors when attempting to do the final steps from


and I get the following:


D:\SAS\Config\Lev1\Web\SASEnvironmentManager\emi-framework\bin>emi_init.bat --en
able APM
Starting level 1 validation...
Level 1 validation completed with 0 error(s) in 0 ms
Running validator level 2 diagnostics
Starting level 2 validation...
Missing file in app context [SASApp]: SASEnvironment/SASMacro/
Missing file in app context [SASApp]: SASEnvironment/SASMacro/apm_request_init.s
Missing file in app context [SASApp]: SASEnvironment/SASMacro/apm_request_term.s
Level 2 validation completed with 3 error(s) in 5579 ms
EMI Framework validation failed lev 2. emiInit cannot continue. Errors are:
Missing file in app context [SASApp]: SASEnvironment/SASMacro/apm_armset
Missing file in app context [SASApp]: SASEnvironment/SASMacro/apm_reques
Missing file in app context [SASApp]: SASEnvironment/SASMacro/apm_reques
Stopping execution





SAS Employee



there is a SAS Note: providing a hot fix if needed.

Check the content of the SAS Note before installing any hot fixes.


In the doc you sent, under APPENDIX, there is a troubleshooting section.


If this won't help, its best to contact Tech Sup, they can help you with this in no time!




Obsidian | Level 7

Thank you for the support. As i'm learning I"m sure you will be seeing a lot of me the next few months! 🙂 My apologies in advance! 

Obsidian | Level 7

If this is a windows server you might need to enable perfprocparameter on windows registry


also can you add -d -verbose to see all the detailed errors ?


you might want to upload the full log here to advice you better.



-Sai Korrapati

Sai Korrapati

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