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Fluorite | Level 6

I just installed SAS 9.4, and have been using SAS 9.3 with success.  I just opened for the first time in 9.4 and received the following error message when opening SAS.  I also can not run any programs without getting that error, and can not get output as results. 

ERROR: Trying to open a key that does not exist: ODS\GUI\RESULTS

I will try reinstalling the program if necessary, but thought I would ask here first, since it takes quite a long time to install.  I have a student license through my school, and can not call SAS tech support without paying for it.

I am running Windows 7, 64 bit, and using the 64 bit version of SAS 9.4. 



Opal | Level 21

The closest SAS Note I could find to your problem is:

15939 - "Fatal error: cannot find key files" occurs when deploying SAS WebReport Studio under Weblog...

That note suggests an install problem even if it is for different software, so I agree that re-installing is a good option to try. I would suggest de-installing 9.4 first though.

Super User

You can email SAS tech support. The link is at the bottom of the page in very fine print (submit a problem report).

Barite | Level 11

It is a message most likely coming from a corrupted sas registry. No not the Windows registry.

Sas is using a similar concept with settings and it is stored at the same physical location as the sas user profile.

You did mention having used 9.3 on the same machine. When you have defined 9.4 user sas user to the same location you are mixing up profile and registry settings between releases.

There could be a change in those release/version dependent files. Deleting and recreating is a common process.

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