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Calcite | Level 5


I have configure https SSL for our SAS web application but the old URL using the “http” still working as well.

Is there any way to disable the old URL from SMC ?

I tried below steps but it didn’t work

  • In SAS Management Console, navigate to Plug-ins Application Management Configuration Manager SAS Application Infrastructure Propertiesand right-click to display the SAS Application Infrastructure Properties dialog box.
  • Click the Advancedtab.
  • Click Addto display the Define New Property Window.
  • Enter the property name as shown, and specify the property value:


Super User

Your web service runs over a web server. Depending on SAS release and platform, this is usually a derivative of apache.

I suggest disabling the HTTP port in the web server configuration, or implementing an automatic reroute to HTTPS there.

And you need (at the moment I can only speak for SAS 9.2) to replace all the http:// references with https:// in the SAS SMC.


The setup looks like this:


Internet or LAN -> (HTTP or HTTPS port) -> webserver -> web server interface module for the servlet container -> internal port -> servlet container (earlier tomcat, with SAS 9.2 jboss, don't know for 9.4) -> servlets (web applications).


The change in SAS metadata is needed so that only https:// references appear in the links that the servlets create.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
What is your SAS version and what operating system?
Calcite | Level 5


our SAS platform version is 9.3 with IBM websphere


Calcite | Level 5

ur SAS platform version is 9.3 running under MS windows server with IBM websphere

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