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Calcite | Level 5

Dear Team,

I have A,B,C Jobs in Data integration Studio,if I run A job B,C jobs need to run Automatically,,how can i do this ,,

kindly any one help on this..



Opal | Level 21

Hi Ramesh

You have a better chance to get an answer for DIS questions if posting in forum "SAS Enterprise Data Management & Integration"

What you're after is "scheduling". With SAS DIS you also get a OEM version of LSF (scheduling software). If LSF is installed and configured at your site then in SMC there is a Schedule Manager plug-in which allows you to define and run flows.

If using LSF is no option then you could write a script which batch submits your deployed jobs - and you then execute the script.

If this is more a "unit testing" scenario then you could also just drag&drop your jobs into a new job and run them in sequence (A,B,C) - the jobs would share the work space though.

If B&C must run in parallel then you would have to create a inner job which calls B&C and the loop transformation in the outer job submits stuff in parallel. I wouldn't recommend doing this for "unit testing" as it feels like too much work to set up - and it's not the right thing to do for a production environment where you should use a scheduler or at least a script.

Tourmaline | Level 20

I can just add that if you are on a Windows Server, there is also an interface with Windows Task Scheduler (and in UNIX there i the corresponding cron). The term i Operating System Services, if you want to search on line help/doc.

Even if these are less sophisticated than LSF, you can at least specify dependencies between jobs, and have them run in parallel.


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