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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi ,


We are currently with a process of updating the License for our environment, which might include the process of skipping few of the SAS Applications with the package. Of the same , the plans are to decommision SAS Enterprise Miner . 


Somohow heard , Decommisioning E-miner will Imapct SAS EG ? I have worked with environments  where SAS E miner had no impact with EG , used environments where only EG has been used till date, but here this looks bit odd. 


So can anyone let me know if there is any dependency between both E-miner and EG? Appreciate you response. 

Super User

EG does have some links to EM, primarily, RapidMiner tool. 


It should be a need basis anyways, is anyone dong data mining, predictive analytics requiring neural networks or text analytics? Fraud analysis or decision trees or market basket analysis are a few tools available only in EM. 


EG links to EM in another way for EM projects that I can't recall, so the question is also are you okay abandoning all projects built in EM. If you have the score code this may not be an issue, but you may need to verify if any projects need migration.  

Obsidian | Level 7

There is not much of EM usage with our business , coz of which we landed up to a decision of decomission. We might end up abandoning all EM projects , but apart from the mentioned "Fraud analysis or decision trees or market basket analysis are a few tools available only in EM " , is there any other ,we need to monitor before we take an action.


Also as far as i am aware currently the predictive modeling is happening in EG using SAS Codes.

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SAS/STAT is a typical part of the Enterprise Miner package. If you don't have that in your new license, the respective procedures/tasks will be missing/nonoperative in EG.

This may be true for other parts of the EM package, also.

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