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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi All , 

we are building a SAS environment as follow and I have completed the installed of LSF ,PM  but I am almost for the plan.xml file .

I know usually sas provide the plan.xml file , but may be due to budget constraint we have not requested or got one. Can someone help me to how to create plan.xml and is there any tools to use ?


One Server :- SAS Meta , Mid and Node on it 

Other :- SAS grid Manager , LSF .



SAS Employee
Hi. You are correct that SAS provides the plan file. Customers cannot create this. You will need to contact your SAS account team.

In my experience the cost of a planned deployment is included in your SAS licence. There is no additional cost. 

Ammonite | Level 13

Hi @MaheshRSA 


Standard plan files are shipped with the SAS Software depot itself. What you are looking for is a custom deployment file which can only be generated by SAS team. Suggest you reach out to your account management team or support to request for the support.

Generating this file requires understanding of how the architecture is going to be configured at your site so that components can be distributed accordingly otherwise you may run into issues during your deployment.

There are two types of deployment plans: standard and custom. A standard deployment plan describes a common configuration. Standard deployment plans are provided in the SAS Deployment Wizard. A custom deployment plan is created by you and your SAS representative specifically for your site.
If you have a custom deployment plan, an XML file (or a ZIP file containing an XML file) was emailed to you.
If you have a standard deployment plan, you just need the name of the plan. During the installation, the standard deployment plan is available from a drop-down list on a page in the SAS Deployment Wizard.
Your deployment plan must be a valid SAS 9.4 plan. The SAS Deployment Wizard does not accept plans from earlier SAS releases.


Fluorite | Level 6

Hi @Anand_V ,


How  to decide the which plan file need to select to install the following   component :- 


One server need to have SASMeta ,SAS Mid tier and SAS Grid node

Second server need to have SAS Compute and SAS Grid Manger and LSF .


I have installed the LSF on the both servers.


any idea on this one 

SAS Employee
There are no standard plan files that will deploy Grid. As already mentioned, for this deployment, you must contact your SAS account team to have your custom plan file created.

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